V Capital’s Business Advisory specialises in formulating the optimum legal, financial and corporate structure taylor-made to suit your business’ needs. From a business’ initial inception to devising a sound financial structure, to realising the true value of a business by way of an IPO, V Capital’s Business Advisory team is proficient at providing effective business solutions and strategies which would enhance your chances of success.

Aspiring entrepreneurs with brilliants ideas but limited resources are encouraged to engage V Capital for business advice to help make your entrepreneurial ideas come to fruition or for funding to kick-start your business.

After an idea materialises into a business, we could help to grow your business by providing technical advices on forming a viable business structure including complying with legal rules and requirements, developing standard operational procedures, industry upstream and downstream networking, workforce hiring and setting up a physical location. We would also guide you in putting together the building blocks of your company such as accounting, human resources, sales & marketing team and the general workforce.

When the need arises, we would also get involved in the daily running of your company, to help solve any internal problems, provide solutions to bottleneck situations and overcome any challenges you might face.

If you require advisory services tailored to your specific needs,
we are here to help.

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