V Capital’s Project Advisory team specialises in making in depth evaluations of projects and managing a project’s execution throughout the project’s life cycle. Specifically, we provide advices on project procurement, project management, Build-Operate-Transfer projects, privately funded projects and infrastructure projects.

We are experienced in identifying and researching a potential project to ascertain the inherent risks and value associated with the project before you proceed to procure the said project. After which, we would assist you in managing the planning and execution of any projects all the way to the completion of the project.

Our scope of services includes project evaluations, project risks and opportunity assessment, project structuring, market analysis, financial analysis, business case preparation, contract negotiations, contract compliance analysis, cost planning and management, authority approvals and risk mitigation strategies.

The Project Advisory team consists of multi-disciplinary professionals who are experienced in dealing with the financial as well as the technical aspects of project management. We aspire to provide you with professional and independent advice, from a project’s initial conception to its finalisation, providing you with ingenious solutions along the way.

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